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The whole club/team
everyone is in the loop

SMACK app feed with announcements and upcoming events "Club Campout", "Chess Tournament", "Game day v Raptors", "Conditioning


SMACK logo (purple jellyfish)

Dynamic group chats,

high-res photo sharing,

separated group chatter,

emoji reactions, polls, replies, tagging

phone icon


SMS text announcements & event invites, automatic reminders & updates for event changes, universal calendar links

common messaging app icons (iMessage, Google Messaging)
messaging icon

Group chats are separated

group chat: "Varsity Chatter. Kali: Is the team lunch going to be w..."

On-app group chats are separated from events / announcements

i.e. you can mute the chat and still get all important alerts

Automatic updates / reminders

Events automatically send updates for location changes, time changes, cancellation, and reminders before they start 

event update example on SMACK: "YSA 135th has cancelled Group Game Night."
event reminder on Google Messages: "Game day v. Raptors is starting soon!"
event update example on iMessage: "Spring BBQ - Bonneville Youth. Location has changed to 135 E 450 N Mountain View, UT"
hourglass icon

All core features are FREE
(with no ads)

Sets up in less than 2 min

Just import a name/phone # contact list - in any format

Coming soon:
self text sign up

Members who don't have smartphones or can't use the app will be able to subscribe themselves with a group add code

Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store

Know a group that could use this?
Send them this webpage

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