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Reach 100% of your members right now

SMACK app feed with announcements and upcoming events "Welcome BBQ!", "Bible Study", "Game night".
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Just import a contact list
in any format

SMS text announcements/events

Sent right to their phones

(they can choose to opt out) 

includes universal calendar links

common messaging app icons (iMessage, Google Messages)
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group chat: "Activities Committee. Mark: When do we want to get tog...""

On-app connection/group chats

SMACK logo (purple jellyfish)

Leaders and members download the app to access group chats, invite members to events, coordinate, share thoughts, connect

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Automatic updates / reminders

Events automatically send updates for location changes, time changes, cancellation, and reminders before they start 

event update on SMACK: "YSA 135th has cancelled Group Game Night."
event reminder on Google Messages: "Game day v. Raptors is starting soon!"
event update on iMessage: "Spring BBQ - Bonneville Youth. Location has changed to 135 E 450 N Mountain View, UT"
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All core features FREE (with no ads)

Anyone without the app gets announcements / events / updates by SMS text

Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store

Know a group that could use this?
Send them this webpage


What about security?

All account data is fully encrypted. Databases are located in the USA and are SOC 3, ISO 27001 security compliant. You are the only one with access.

Do my members need the app?

Your members will get your official announcements and events texted directly to them if they don't have the app.

If they have the app they will get notifications there instead of SMS text. If they are inactive on the app they will get SMS texts again.


For data security - they need the app to use chats, polls, and invite other members to their hangouts.

Why did you make this?

We believe in the power of social connection.


It's the most important thing in our lives but it's so hard to get people together. SMACK is the solution.


Our generation is the loneliest generation and we're fighting to change that.

Is it actually free? How are you making money?

Yes! Personal accounts and core Organization features will always be free.

In the future we will be implementing paid options for advanced features, but will make sure the free features are always useful.

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