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Youth groups/teams
all safely in the loop


Safety first

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SMACK is the safest platform for teenagers.

  • Adults and minors cannot have one-on-one contact in SMACK, even if they are friends - all adult-minor communication can only happen in groups of 3 or more

  • Friend requests can only come from someone who has your personal phone contact saved, or has mutual friends on the app

  • Every Personal account is verified through Google/Apple and through SMS text phone number verification - Organization and Business accounts cannot make outbound contact with other users

  • If a minor gets a request from an adult a warning banner appears, repeat requests prompt the minor to block them

  • All images sent and received by minors, and all images publicly visible (profile photos, discover page) are AI vetted for adult content

  • All messages sent by minors, and all publicly visible messages (discover page) pass through a PG rating swear filter (also filters slurs and derogatory language)

  • All discover page content is highly vetted to be fully age appropriate - additionally any business tagged Nightclub or Bar is not visible to minors

  • All reported content/accounts are reviewed within 24 hours

Coming soon:
self text sign up

Youth who can't download the app will soon be able to subscribe to event and announcement SMS texts with the option to keep their phone number hidden

Leaders won't have access to their personal contact info



Dynamic group chats,

high-res photo sharing,

separated group chatter,

emoji reactions, polls, replies, tagging



SMS text announcements & event invites, automatic reminders & updates for event changes, universal calendar links


Automatic updates / reminders

Events automatically send updates for location changes, time changes, cancellation, and reminders before they start 


All core features are FREE
(with no ads)

Sets up in less than 2 min

Just import a name/phone # contact list - in any format

Know a group that could use this?
Send them this webpage

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