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Hi, here's our story👋

We believe in the power of social connection.

It's the most important thing in our lives... so why is it so hard to get people together?

Let's say you want to go camping, so you call your bestie, find a weekend that works, then text 30 people individually to see if they're free. Next, you throw the 20 people that want to come into a giant group chat - it immediately turns green and people see a bunch faceless phone numbers. You provide the campout details - date/time, location, what to pack, what to expect, etc. and you think you FINALLY got through the hardest part of planning.

Wrong. The day before the campout, a few people back out, a couple more people want to come. The group chats are spawning now. People are calling asking for the address again (it's buried 100 messages deep... somewhere), and you're trying to work out carpools in smaller group chats. Everyone finally shows up to the campout ready to hang out - but you're exhausted. And no one brought firewood🤦‍♀️.

Friends gathered around a campfire roasting marshmallows

Sound familiar?

It's the same story for movie nights, pickleball matches, watch parties, game nights, hikes, book clubs.

Group hangouts shouldn't be this difficult! So we created a platform that has all the messaging features of GroupMe, WhatsApp, or Messenger, but it's all tied to a single event/hangout, rather than a rigid friend group. Pick/choose who you want to invite, let friends to invite their friends, and the chat stays orderly - separate from all the details provided by the host(s). The best part? Seven days after the event is over, it disappears! Now you won't be stuck in a group chat for a party 3 years ago that you didn't go to.

Smack is the easiest way to get a group of people together.

We envision a world with less social barriers

Facebook turned everyone into a blogger.

Instagram turned everyone into a photographer.

We want to turn everyone into a host - making it so easy to host hangouts that people always get an invite.


A group of jellyfish is called a SMACK

Just like jellyfish, no one should drift alone.


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